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Discussion on: How did you get your first software developer job?

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Chad Alen

I went to a 2 year community college got an AAS in computer programming. Luckily I got a job before graduating. I first got an internship over the summer then the company hired me after.

What separated me from the rest? I would say I was also a self employed developer even before college. I had some projects I worked on and software that I sold that I would show employers.

As far as the education I wouldn’t recommend a bootcamp because I know a lot of employers will look at them as (not being creditable) and honestly you don’t need a bachelors degree. Having a bachelors degree will make it easier to get your first programming job but after that its pretty easy once you have the experience.

From what it sounds like you already have some experience. So show some work you’ve done for past clients or show some projects you worked on. You shouldn’t have any issues getting a job. Also you can apply right now you don’t need to have a degree you just need to have some good technical skills.

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Christopher Wray Author

Thank you! I so appreciate it!