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Discussion on: Flexible code considered harmful

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Chad Steele

About... "If this was not the case we would not see so many frameworks in our industry" is a function of creativity, not evidence of a cultural commitment to simplicity. Yes, most engineers preach about simplicity, but don't actually produce it. We have so many frameworks because software people are creative and love to produce "solutions" for imaginary problems, not because they're committed to less code.

For example, what makes a good musician? A good musician is someone with a large capacity for music. When we have a capacity for something we tend to have more of it. We enjoy it. And we often create it. Technical people have a capacity for complexity. We enjoy it. And we often can't help but create it. And so, we have lots of frameworks that go in and out of vogue every year and will for the foreseeable future. This is evidence of our creativity and capacity for complexity, not of a commitment to simplicity.