Discussion on: Vue's Darkest Day

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Pablo Fradua

Just decided learning Vue, should I wait until Vue 3 is out so I start with the new way of coding?

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Daniel Elkington Author

I’d recommend not waiting and starting now. Key concepts are the same - you make some properties available on a component using JavaScript and then use them in a HTML template. Only difference will be a minor change to the syntax of where exactly things go in the JavaScript component part. It’s more important to know concepts like component “data”, “computed properties” and “methods”, and those ideas will all remain the same, you might just express them differently and once you know the Vue 2 way of doing things the new way will be easy to move to if you want.

And as a bonus the Vue 2 way of writing components will still work in Vue 3.

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No, don't wait. Pretty much everything you'll learn now will still be valuable when v3 comes!
I explained it in more detail in this Reddit comment: reddit.com/r/vuejs/comments/c36gp9... 🚀