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Top 3 ThreeJs Books

ThreeJs is a great javascript library for rendering 3D objects and graphics in a web browser using WebGL. While this library In detail modern browsers have become more powerful each year and in recent years have adopted WebGL as the standard to deliver 3D graphics in a browser.
Here is a list of the Top 3 ThreeJs books and sources, best for your ThreeJs Journey.
Best ThreeJs Books
1- WebGL Up and Running

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WebGL up and running is one of the bests by Toni Parisi available for the basic concepts of WebGL which is provided by OREILLY. This book involves Objects 3D rendering throw WebGL programming basic concepts and follows up the path to a 3D web application at the end of the book. Of course, for being a pro in ThreeJs, WebGL could be a great start for mastering the 3D world of Web Applications.

2- Real-Time 3D Graphics with WebGL 2

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Another great book brought by Diego Cantor and Farhad Ghayour, which focuses on WebGL 2 again. This book covers computer graphics, consisting of rendering, 3D math, camera, and more Key Features like Creating visually stunning, high-performance and scalability web applications. The book is a walkthrough to build interactive 3D applications with javaScript and WebGL 2.

3- Three.js Cookbook

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Like any other cookbook-style book, this book best makes the visualization of how things work in ThreeJs with the company of illustrations, instructions, and information about the preparation of 3D objects and their rendering. The book covers over 80 different shortcuts, solutions, and recipes that allow you to create the most stunning visualizations and 3D Scenes Using the Three.js library and master the topic as much as possible. The book is also great to bring your ThreeJs skills to the next level.

ThreeJs is the new trend for the 3D web world, and to be honest, it's stunning. The books provided are already the best available, with high-quality content. Use the ThreeJs learning source here. This source can be really helpful throw your journey in this area, while this source covers the most common solutions, ideas, and great 3D graphics. Have a great day.

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