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Yes, and Firefox also writes warnings to the console for malformed content (known elements appearing in the wrong place, such as putting a tr element directly inside a div), mismatched open/close tags, etc.

So that should satisfy most of your concerns around mistyped html tags. The difference is that the browser won't just stop rendering the page, and in most cases the user can keep working even if something looks a little off.

But unrecognized tag and attribute names should not result in warnings in the browser. The browser has no idea whether these names might have meaning to other clients, and so it (rightfully) ignores them.

You can still catch all of these at dev/build time with an html validator. So there's much less need for console warnings if any kind.

That is decidedly not the case with JavaScript. Your JavaScript may be 100% correct from three compilers perspective, but you don't have complete control over the environment in which it runs (or if it runs at all). Putting too much responsibility on JavaScript inevitably limits the number of browsers your app can reasonably support.

Even those who "only support modern browsers", (or worse: "only support chrome", a super dickish and short-sighted attitude) cannot be assured that their script will always work. Browser plugins, malware filters, etc. can all interfere. So JavaScript needs console errors in order to help diagnose errors in the client. It's essential information.

But you don't really need that as much (or at all) with html.

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