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what's the value of using firebase functions versus api routes in next.js?


Good question!

I haven’t worked with next.js / zeit’s functions much yet - I hear the cold boot times are faster, but haven’t done a direct comparison with firebase.

Since I’m using firebase auth & firestore already, it’s kinda nice to have functions in the same console. Just anecdotally, it seems like function logs update faster using Firebase, and the console feels more mature than Zeit’s.


Going with cloud functions / firebase over next.js's functions would be ideal if you are heavily invested in firebase already but still want to use next. Firebase is nice because they have one of the most generous / useful free-tier's for authentication. They also tend to require a little bit less boilerplate than AWS.


Not an expert but I think it is also relevant that Zeit functions are not in the same datacenter and if you need to call firestore from a function it would add that latency. Additionally, you would miss out some functionality like Firestore and Auth Triggers

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