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re: Hi @Carlos Fuentes thankyou for sharing this. Reading your experience and you still call yourself as beginner then I dont know what I supposed ca...

Hi Noemar, glad to meet you!
haha, I'm the kind of guy who always thinks that I know nothing and that know nothing gives me the strength to move forward and stay up-to-date and learning something new every day. It's like my weakness and my source of power haha

That's great! Your background in science it's going to help you a lot to give solutions to problems. You only need to know some stuff related to Web Development, like the OSI Model, Protocols and standards like REST and GraphQL and then moving forward with the coding part. Whatever language and tech stack you chose, it's perfect. I'm convinced that the harder part of being a developer (no matter what kind) it's to solve the problem without making it complex. The coding part it's the easier of all project because you only need to translate your knowledge to code.

If you need something like advice, recommendations, and even a mentor, I'm glad to help!

Charlie from Mexico.

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