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Overcoming the Tutorial Gap and Making Your Own Software

Chase Stevens on February 05, 2019

When learning to code, it's easy to fall into what some have named the "Tutorial Rut". There's so much to learn and so much content to follow alo... [Read Full]
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I love me a good tutorial but you're right -- it's easy to finish one and not be able to recreate most of it on your own. A couple of thoughts on making tutorials more worthwhile:

  1. Rather than coding along, watch them do it, take notes, and then try to recreate the end result using the vid/tutorial as little as possible.
  2. Take tutorials that are a couple of years old. I'm going through a PluralSight course on using the Google Maps API right now. It's from 2013, so while a lot still applies, there are lots of little syntactical things I've had to change to make the app work. Definitely makes it sink in more!

Thanks for the insight! So where is the image from? Been to Lviv or downloaded from the web?

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