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The summer after 3rd grade (so I was probably 9 years old) my mom took me to a community college course teaching QBASIC. Looking back I must've been super-annoying to everyone else there, but I understood things quickly and completed the course material rapidly. Years later I found out I'd also been doing algebra (which I was afraid of at the time) in this course.

I noodled around with simple text stuff for years afterward, partly inspired by the descriptions of the systems in the novel Jurassic Park (of all things...)

Later, working on a satellite (FASTRAC / Nanosat 3) at the University of Texas, I find out that the data acquisition tools are all written in Visual Basic. Oh yeah, I (mostly) know that, I can help with that. Then again and again throughout my aerospace career that kind of coding opportunity has come up. Fortran 77? No I don't know that, let me look at it...oh yeah, that's not that different, I can do what you want me to. C and C++ for a Win32 app running on a laptop on the space station? Yeah no problem, I got that. Lord knows what'll be next...

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