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Chapter 01 Introduction

This is the second post on the series of MEAN Stack Development Session.

Welcome to first session or Chapter 01. This is a day long session where we are going to talk/learn about following topics.

Ankit is on left side and I'm on right side.

Ankit is on left side and I'm on right side.

  1. Introduction
  2. JavaScript
  3. ES6
  4. Node
  5. NPM
  6. Express

You can consider these topics as sub-session of today's main session. We will talk about particular topic and then will give you some time to do the practice or ask question in form of discussion.

This is an introductory session. We are going to touch these mentioned topics in introductory way, without going into too much details. The plan with this introduction session is to get you started with MEAN and more specifically Node. Learning each and everything, you need for MEAN just make class boring and distracting! We are going to learn MEAN like child learn natural language, just start to use without knowing the exact details of pronunciations and grammars! Don't worry, we have enough sessions to cover all remaining details to make you master developer.

Ready, let's get started with Introduction.

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