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"Bash shines in small and efficient scripts which are designed mainly for one thing: repeating instructions you would otherwise type manually from top to bottom. "
Did you make any resources or know at all bash to write any post about it? Bash this bash that..
Check first Google result about bash complexity like ex.
Read more before posting.
Fix this post as it's full off lies.


This is very hostile.

I'm guessing that you identify with Bash, and since Bash is part of your identity, you took the original post as a personal attack.

There is no need for this.

There are better ways to disagree with someone than to attack someone's competence and integrity.


I identify with everything. Probably you don't, probably other people also don't. Probably if somebody will pop in to:

  • your garage fixing cars for ages as mechanic
  • your building site where you putting second floor for house as builder

and say that all your tools are limited, old, crap, you making such a mistake using it, you will be ok.

I'm not. There are better ways of writing articles, better ways of dealing with facts what was written. There are better ways to disagree? Not for stuff like that Mate.

You cannot stand criticism based on facts - good luck being good dev.

You are just trolling here, friend.

No one in this discussion is hating Bash, no matter how much you like to throw that around. No one is telling it's a mistake to use Bash; there are just alternative tools that might serve you better depending on the use case. No one is coming to delete your Bash scripts.

Like I said, you are intentionally drawing a straw man argument to this discussion which is not welcome here nor does it contribute to anything. Let it go, take a walk, and chill.

Being a good developer or not isn't the issue. It's your choice of language.

Calling out statements as being opinion is fine. Disagreeing with them and providing a better option is fine. But calling them lies and insulting the intelligence of the author? That's not fine.

I'm guessing from the quality of your English that it's not your native language. Perhaps there's a misunderstanding here in terminology. For example, "lie" is not the same as "falsehood." The former implies malicious intent, whereas the latter does not.

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

  1. an inaccurate or false statement; a falsehood.

falsehood is synonymy of lie.

True, English is not my first language.
Apologize Niko for using lies instead of falsehood. Didn't mean to use lies as Ben mention.

"insulting the intelligence of the author" ?

  1. Is not my fault that meaning of lie looks like that
  2. straw man is wrong usage Niko. I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about your articles and facts.
  3. Niko, you trolling bash Mate. Not me. As I've mention, why not write nice post about usage of javascript in cli instead of trolling bash first ?

Hi, I've written far too many Bash scripts to understand its downsides. The link you provided doesn't really change my views, would you care to elaborate where I have made mistakes?

Furthermore, your so-called "lies" are just opinions. It's not too hard to have some respect while commenting. Remember this and I don't have to report you.


Ah sorry. I forgot that this is opinion here. Not the facts. Then if there are no facts then I didn't get at all what this articles is about. Title should be in this case 'in my opinion don't use old non readable bash scripts as it have limits, you cannot extend it with new functions and commands and it's just for repeating what you writing in cli'

  • "Bash shines in small and efficient scripts which are designed mainly for one thing: repeating instructions you would otherwise type manually from top to bottom" Bash main purpose is to access results of commands and do something with it. Also there is hundreds of complex programs written in it like ex installations scripts
  • "Syntax of Bash is ugly and has a steep learning curve." Step learning curve because or, args and modules? None English learner will need to learn the syntax this way or that way and for them it is no difference.
  • "Writing good Bash scripts takes years of practice" In this case writing javascript take 100 years..
  • "There might come a day Bash has a good (nested) dependency system and friendlier syntax." How usage of command can be more friendly and better than is now?
  • "complexity grows too large to handle reasonably within the limits of Bash" Limits?

Instead of saying 'hey guys you can run javascript, php, python, go etc from cli directly' you blaming that bash is crap.

Eh.. Don't like negative post.
And if this is your blog and this should be just opinion about not using bash as its shit then sorry for saying lies.
I used to devs who using facts when saying anything about language syntax etc.

Thanks for your input. Since you're just obviously misreading intentionally I'm signing this discussion off with a notice that opinionated blog posts and research articles are two different things. Learn that.

  1. Opinionated articles should have subjective title.
  2. The content of article is strictly not opinionated as there are no words (about bash) like:

Introductory Words and Phrases:
I think
I believe
I feel
In my opinion
My favorite
The best
I strongly believe
From my point of view
It’s my belief
Based on what I know
I am convinced
Speaking for myself
I know you will have to
agree that
I am confident that

Opinion Clues
First of all
After that
Equally important
In addition
For all these reasons
In conclusion

Opinion Clues:

Why I don't like this post, scenario: I will have some junior/mid devs at work who will write cli scripts in js instead of bash saying that js:

  1. is easier
  2. have no limits
  3. is more readable
  4. have modules etc.
  5. bash is hard to learn
  6. bash is only for repeating command in cli

When I will ask them from where they have this information, they will point this article/post (as this is not a discussion neither opinionated content about bash)
After that there will be a big conversation why we cannot use that, why we don't have node on server (to run this little script of them which should be written in bash), after that chat with manager to explain everything and half of my day will disappear.

This is a facts. Fact when 'so called' opinionated articles/post around internet making discussion with junior/mid devs at work hell.

Sharing knowledge of using js and other language in cli is amazing Mate.
Saying that bash is shit and saying to young devs that they should move to 'more advance/better/more readable' like js is more than evil.

Your scenario highlights a work culture where junior dev skills are fundamentally underestimated and undervalued. If you get kicks from lecturing to people, then show us a better example and write a post here why (in your opinion) Bash should be used for scripting. After all, DEV is a free platform.

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