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re: This is very hostile. I'm guessing that you identify with Bash, and since Bash is part of your identity, you took the original post as a personal ...

I identify with everything. Probably you don't, probably other people also don't. Probably if somebody will pop in to:

  • your garage fixing cars for ages as mechanic
  • your building site where you putting second floor for house as builder

and say that all your tools are limited, old, crap, you making such a mistake using it, you will be ok.

I'm not. There are better ways of writing articles, better ways of dealing with facts what was written. There are better ways to disagree? Not for stuff like that Mate.

You cannot stand criticism based on facts - good luck being good dev.

You are just trolling here, friend.

No one in this discussion is hating Bash, no matter how much you like to throw that around. No one is telling it's a mistake to use Bash; there are just alternative tools that might serve you better depending on the use case. No one is coming to delete your Bash scripts.

Like I said, you are intentionally drawing a straw man argument to this discussion which is not welcome here nor does it contribute to anything. Let it go, take a walk, and chill.

Being a good developer or not isn't the issue. It's your choice of language.

Calling out statements as being opinion is fine. Disagreeing with them and providing a better option is fine. But calling them lies and insulting the intelligence of the author? That's not fine.

I'm guessing from the quality of your English that it's not your native language. Perhaps there's a misunderstanding here in terminology. For example, "lie" is not the same as "falsehood." The former implies malicious intent, whereas the latter does not.

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  1. an inaccurate or false statement; a falsehood.

falsehood is synonymy of lie.

True, English is not my first language.
Apologize Niko for using lies instead of falsehood. Didn't mean to use lies as Ben mention.

"insulting the intelligence of the author" ?

  1. Is not my fault that meaning of lie looks like that
  2. straw man is wrong usage Niko. I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about your articles and facts.
  3. Niko, you trolling bash Mate. Not me. As I've mention, why not write nice post about usage of javascript in cli instead of trolling bash first ?
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