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I personally find Gitlab's integrated services (issue tracking, CI/CD, wiki) to be superior to GitHub's in most respects. I'm not a huge fan of the UI, but have gotten used to it with time. One absolutely massive plus in my eyes is the fact that it's open source itself, and has good documentation and support for hosting it yourself. To that end, it's more popular with large corporations that have the resources and care enough about their security to not put their code on other people's servers.

All that being said, I host most of my personal projects on a Gitea instance, as it's much lighter than GitLab.


Gitea instance

What’s wrong with plain old good git clone in the cloud?


why would anybody need the bloated GUI for pet projects

Very true. I never use the GitHub UI as I find it a horrible experience. Even collaboration isn't that great on GitHub as the volume of discussions explodes.


I like to host all my own infrastructure, and that includes my git repos. I'm also pretty invested in enterprise devops, which requires being familiar with self-hosted options.

Well, host it. My question was mostly about why would anybody need the bloated GUI for pet projects git.

Oh, sorry I misunderstood πŸ˜…

I like the issue tracker. Even though there's little to no actual collaboration being done, the integrated issue tracker and wiki help organize myself. Of course everyone should find what works for them, this is just what I do.

Edit: I also use Drone CI, which has pretty good integration with Gitea.

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