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Even if you haven't had a need YET to show off your portfolio, it's good to have a record of the things you've done, so you can look back later and see how you've grown.

I use WordPress for my own site (, but only because [s] I built a custom theme for it, and [b] most of the sites I build for clients I build on WP for their convenience. If I had my say, for security and retainability reasons, I would only build non-CMS sites. Most clients don't take advantage of WP once I've handed it over, and end up coming to me when there are issues...

The thing with the portfolio site that I've found is to pick a design and stick with it, so that the only updates you need to do are to add new projects. If you spend too much time constantly changing the design of the site, you'll never really have anything else to show off, and that's time you could be spending on something else (in your case, being consistent with your writing).

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Arto Tukki Author

I'd like to think that my blog can work as a way to show my progress. Of course, reading it takes way more time than just checking out a page where I'd show my projects.

Sticking with the design was kinda hard. I always felt there was room for improvement since my designing skills are almost non-existent. But the last iteration was good and I could have stuck with it a lot longer. I just couldn't get myself to update the pages because it felt so awkward to start "working" with Django again after such a long time. Maybe if I'd used Node (like I previously had) I might have not made the switch to WP.