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Announcing the Chingu Holiday Hackathon

The Holiday Season is a time to celebrate with family and friends, a time to reflect on the past year, and a time to relax and have fun.

And for Developers what better way to have fun than by participating in a holiday themed hackathon to both test and extend your skills?

This year Chingu is sponsoring a Holiday Hackathon so you can do just that! Read on to learn how to enter, compete, and celebrate the Season with a little code!

How to Participate

This hackathon will run from Wednesday, December 1st through Sunday, December 19th. You can learn about the specifics here.

You may join as a solo Developer or as a team by signing up here.

Be sure to submit your completed project before the deadline. We will recognize your contribution in our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.

We'll also award Chingu swag to the top three projects chosen by a panel of judges. Members of the top three teams will receive a Chingu water bottle.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, December 22.

All are welcome to participate


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