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Jottivity Dev Diary #6 | Taking A Break

chiubaca profile image Alex Chiu Updated on ・2 min read

I'm taking a break from this project for a while. What started out as a fun thing to do in my spare time has started to feel like a chore. Before I burn out and start to hate this project, I'm stepping away for a while to work on other things.

To draw a nice line under everything so far, I thought It would be good to have a little retrospective.

👍 What Went Well

  • I learnt loads! TypeScript, Nuxt , Vue Class components, Netlify Functions, Fire Store. It's been a journey just trying to wire up all these components together

  • Learning how to make APIs with Netlify Functions has been a real highlight. I don't normally do much back-end development so this was real challenge which I enjoyed. Trying to come up with a reusable pattern for interacting with Fire Store and return the data I need to the client was tough. I still haven't full cracked it, but so happy I was able to build a suite of APIs for authentication and CRUD operations from scratch.

  • I'm really happy about the foundations that have laid down for the app to be built upon. Thanks to Nuxt doing so much awesome stuff. I feel the app is in a great position to extend upon.

😪 What Didn't Go Well

  • I spent more time creating APIs than writing front-end code. I really wanted to drill into creating some nice journaling UIs, play around with Figma and possibly even a bit of Storybook.
  • I didn't get round to the Sentiment Analysis. I wanted to experiment with a few libraries, but just did not get round to it!
  • Not necessarily a bad thing, but I spent more time thinking about the structure of the app rather than implementing features. Perhaps I'm focused too much on ensuring I'm implementing it correctly. I've been hit with analysis paralysis once again!

💡 Ideas For Next Time

  • Focus on the features rather than everything around it.
  • Keep blogging about updates, it's a good way to vent!
  • Don't under estimate the "small tasks". For example I though introducing Nuxt and TypeScript would be a doddle. But it ended up taking up 95% of my time!

It's been an adventure. Not good bye, but see you soon Jottivity!

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