re: I built a Snake game in 4m 30s... whilst blindfolded. VIEW POST


Ha! I can't say I'd ever thought about coding blindfolded before :) but you make some really good points about why you might want to do that... Thanks!

As I was watching, I thought it might be a really good idea to navigate our own websites blindfolded as well (with screen readers). That could be a really good way to make sure they were accessible, and I have to admit - I don't even know how to go about testing that. Does anyone have any resources/links that show how to test your own sites for screen readers?


ChromeVox seems to be a good screen reader browser extension


Experiencing the web as a visually impaired person would sounds like a great idea, not only for empathy but also for better understanding accessibility principles and as they apply to websites.

Wonderful idea! I'll see if I can make a video on that sometime as well :)))

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