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Discussion on: Public Speaking for Introverts

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Chris Achard

Great post! The best advice I can give is also the hardest to hear (and most boring) - which is that you'll get better if you practice. Like most things in life, you grow when you get out of your comfort zone, and then do that over and over again.

If you're interested at all in speaking (and even if you're not!) I highly recommend finding some local technical meetups in your area, and asking if you can do a lightning talk. Meetup organizers are always looking for more people to talk (I know - I am one 😄) and most are happy to accept a 5 minute lightning talk. Do a few of those, and you'll quickly be ready to move on to longer and longer talks - even if you were terrified before!

So yeah - I love this post because it shows that 1. you don't have to be an expert, and 2. just do it!

Then make a post on DEV and let us all know how it went 😉

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Matt Eland Author

I agree entirely with this. While I give formal presentations at work once or twice a month, presenting to strangers at a meetup is a fantastic way to grow. I've done 3 full-hour presentations at meetups and each one has helped me grow and gauge where I am.

After the last, I gauged myself to be ready to throw my hat into the ring for local and regional conferences, and have applied to my first conference. I've identified 3 more conferences I plan on applying to next year when the call for speakers opens.

Hopefully folks will be interested to see me speak and interested in my abstracts and I'll get a shot with a larger audience.

As for posting to, I'll know by the end of September if my abstracts were accepted / rejected and either way I'll post them here for feedback and sharing my lessons learned on the process.