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For wtf reason would we build another JS framework?

There are many brilliant JS frameworks out there. For wtf reason would we build another one?

We all sometimes lack self-discipline following the framework guidelines.
It can be due to many reasons; tight deadlines, late night out or whatever the implication of being just a human. Often we're just thrown into someone else's code i.e. his own interpretation of the guidelines.

This framework has been developed as part of something bigger.
It is meant to be simple and generic, used within an automated IDE which assists you in following the simple design rules. It lets you start with a static PoC and notifies you (live) what may need to be customized to turn it into valuable product.

Instead of writing glue code all over again, you'll code only what matters i.e. features. Read more about GlueCodes Platform.


We're running a Kickstarter campaign to be able to finish off the IDE and web components. Any pledge is much appreciated.

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Kelvin Conrad

Nice work

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Norro valentin

looks very cool ! i hope you will have a successful project in the future !

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