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Discussion on: How I work with Linux and Windows together

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Chris Greening • Edited on

Hey!! Enjoyed reading your article, I’d recommend looking into the Windows Subsystem for Linux; it’s super easy to setup, is officially supported through Windows 10, and it accesses the same file storage as Windows.

It’s basically a Linux terminal running like any other Windows app that behaves pretty much exactly as you would expect a Linux terminal to. For programming it has been a godsend lol

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Pavol Rajzak

There are problems with it (it is virtualized), like if tou want to run docker inside WSL and access it from Windows host. Also native Linux is much faster than WSL (when it comes to compilation time). But for some simple usecases WSL is excellent choice.

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Bob • Edited on

Solution to that is install Docker on Windows, upgrade to WSL2, and integrate it on Docker's end.

Edit: I'd like to add that upgrading is by distro, as is the integration.

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Tenry Author

Hey, thanks for your feedback! I'm actually aware of that subsystem, but I haven't worked much with it yet.

Linux shall stay my primary OS including the GUI, so I won't switch completely over to the subsystem. But maybe the subsystem can help me with the point regarding "one file system for all" 🤔