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Yeah I never really got into MongoDB, nor Ruby. They just seemed like they were hyped by people that I didn't really like that much, so I just ignored them. I don't know why I did it, I just felt that it was not useful. Everything in the world is relational and RDBMS are really fast, so if you need non-relational data, just store things in tables without any keys ;) job done!

Then I found some horror stories, it seemed to validate my previous beliefs. Ruby was a memory hog and Rails even more so, the more I read about it, the more I realised that I'm not learning anything useful by going in that direction. So I just didn't.

Everybody hates PHP, I hate PHP too. But what I like about it is I can put it behind phpfpm/nginx and host it in a docker container, mount a volume and hack in the editor and see the results. It's fast, well understood, you can abstract away the pain.

About MongoDB. I just stuck with postgres and mysql and gave it a rest. I'm really interested to get into Kafka because I want to learn more about event sourcing and materialized views. But that's driven by the idea that event sourcing provides a complete audit trail of db modifications without the need to write this auditing myself. I felt it would be a really nice way to deal with CRM data for example. You'd see every modification and who did it automatically over time and be able to represent those changes as a stream of events.

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