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12 Free Udemy Courses (Python, Frameworks JS and More) (June 10)

Pablo Álvarez Corredera
I find, read and report everything that can be useful for a programmer or web developer apprentice
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11 Free courses selected from udemy's free courses (Python, Javascript, React, Vue, Angular, CSS, Tailwind and Pentesting) + 1 Course of Microsoft and NASA for learning Python.

Remember that the penalties for the courses are affiliated, and I can receive a small payment in reference to future purchases you make on Udemy.


Javascript and Frameworks JS





Courses in spanish

I leave you here the link to the telegram Ciberninjas group.

The courses that you will find today:

  • Python para no matemáticos: De 0 hasta reconocimiento facial (Hasta 8,5 H.).
  • Sistema de asistencias en C# y SQLserver desde 0.
  • Herramientas para la Postproducción de Audio.

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