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42 Free Udemy Courses: Hacking, Networking, Web Development, Reiki 🧘‍♂️ and More (March 17)

ciberninjas profile image Pablo Álvarez Corredera Originally published at on ・5 min read

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One more day I'm here, bringing the best free courses from Udemy. Today they are more mixed than ever, there are 10 courses in Spanish and 32 courses in English.

The Ethical Hacking and computer networks courses are very good looking, as well as neural networks courses with Python, Java, weBGL, Bootstrap.

As a great bonus, a great course entirely in Spanish, on Reiki; in case it gives anyone, to introduce themselves in this traditional Japanese healing art.

In my profile you have more courses, the latest posts, possibly even with some active coupons.


Web Design

Hacking & Networks

Freelance & Skills


Design and Photography

10 Spanish Courses

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