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F8 Refresh 2021: The Annual Conference for Facebook Developers

Pablo Álvarez Corredera
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Facebook's international F8 Reflesh event (in English) brings together an incredible community of people who create, innovate and shape the future.

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Over the past year, the Facebook developer community has allowed companies of all sizes to grow and adapt to the changing world: Accelerating their digital transformation.

In recognition, the F8 Refresh event will return to its roots: An event that celebrates and inspires all developers, an event capable of driving growth.

With a new format for the event, the virtual F8 Refresh, it will be open to all developers around the world and will be broadcast live from the [Facebook for Developers] page ( on June 2nd.

The event will include the latest Facebook product tools, as well as detailed technical sessions, demos and panels, all with the goal of facilitating developer growth.

You can register here to receive notifications when registration opens and the latest updates on the event.

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