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Google I/O 2021 (May 18 to 20)

Pablo Álvarez Corredera
I find, read and report everything that can be useful for a programmer or web developer apprentice
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Connect with developers from around the world at this year's Google I / O virtual event.

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There will be thoughtful discussions, hands-on learning with Google experts, and a first look at what's new in developer products.

The lectures can be followed in several languages, including Spanish. The workshops, for obvious reasons, will only be available in their original language (come on, English).

Below you will find all the conferences, keep in mind that apart from all this there will be numerous workshops and other meetings.

You must register for these workshops and meetings from the appropriate section from your event profile.

On the website and from your profile, you have the option to segregate the events by theme and mark the events you want to receive reminders.




📆 Ciberninjas Technological Events Calendar in Spanish

Program Day 18 (from 19:00)

For the American continent.

  • Main presentation of Google I / O.
  • Main presentation for developers.
  • Android news.
  • News of Google Pay.
  • News for the web platform.

Program Day 19 (from 10:00)

For Europe and Asia (I understand that it is a Re Play of the first day).

  • Main presentation of Google I / O.
  • Main presentation for developers.
  • Android news.
  • News of Google Pay.
  • News for the web platform.

Starting at 6 pm, new content begins.

  • News related to machine learning.
  • News of the Google assistant.
  • Material Design news.
  • What's new in Chrome OS.
  • News from Flutter.
  • What's new in Firebase.
  • News of Google Pay.
  • The new ARCore functions.
  • News in IOT.

Program Day 20 (from 10:00)

  • What's new in Firebase.

Sessions On Demand

(I understand that they are conferences or workshops with free prior registration).

  • Measure, analyze and debug performance with Google Analytics and BigQuery.
  • How to prepare for an experience ranking on pages.
  • Android TV and Google TV news.
  • What's new in Jetpack Compose.
  • C interoperability with Foreign Function Internet (Dart).
  • How to detect and solve everyday problems with machine learning.
  • What's new in Android testing tools.
  • Kotlin status on Android.
  • How to prepare for a more private Web.
  • Local development with the new Storage emulator.
  • Fix performance problems and improve your App with firebase.
  • crashlytics tailored to you.
  • How to improve user experiences in Google Workspace.
  • Machine Learning for Next Generation Web Apps with TensorFlow.js.
  • How to build with the Responsible AI Toolkit.
  • Optimize your TensorFlow Lite models.
  • Does your APP use AA? Turn it into a product with TFX.
  • Future ready web apps with Angular and TensorFlow.ks.
  • Chrome DevTools for designers.
  • Android privacy news.
  • How to boost conversions with Google Pay for Android.
  • Reduce package size: New Firebase for the web.
  • Exposure Notifications: Compile a service for 1 million users.
  • How to update widgets.
  • Performance after loading.
  • Android Media news.
  • The business impact of Core Web Vitals.
  • Now is the time: Wear news.
  • Use the full Kotlin or Dart stack on Google Cloud.
  • News in the search.
  • How to promote a successful launch of conversational actions.
  • Take AR anywhere with post-capture AR.
  • Android key combination to activate the Assistant.
  • How to build end-to-end AI solutions with Google Cloud.
  • Boost your Flutter app with Google APIs.
  • The 12 best tips that will prepare you for Android 12.
  • Increase the realism and accuracy of AR with the Depth API.
  • Five suggestions for your AWP.
  • AppSheet development with Workspae AMP for Gmail and Apps Script.
  • How to compile apps adaptable to platforms.
  • How to add voice functions to your Android app.
  • Modern Keras design patterns.
  • How to verify the identity of the app with App Check.
  • The input is important for the Chrome OS
  • How to use Jetpack libraries in Compose.
  • The new receptivity: Web design in a world based on components.
  • First steps with CHIP.
  • Coral: How to expand the landscape of peripheral AI.
  • How to measure the blocking and launching of an app with Macrobenchmark.
  • Optimize your games and apps for Android and Chrome OS.
  • How to use Google maps platform with Kotlin.
  • Include your progressive web app in Google Pay.

  • Expand your business with new participation and monetization features.

  • New tools to create more secure apps in Google Pay.

  • The state of security in Android.

  • Design, manage and deploy in Maps with cloud-based styles.

  • Build effective and reliable apps with Google Play services.

  • Firebase for Apple developers.

  • Build gorgeous Material Design apps with Jetpack Compose.

  • Five keys to prepare your app for large screens.

  • Android news for vehicles.

  • Excalidraw and Fugu: How to improve the user experience.

  • What's new in Core Web Vitals.

  • Payments in your AWP.

  • Making forests in TensorFlow.

  • TensorFlow Hub for real-world impact.

  • Effective password management.

  • Machine learning for accessibility.

  • ML Kit: APIs ready to use in ML of devices and mobile apps.

  • The lazy performance of Flutter.

  • Effective Android background tasks.

  • News in design tools.

  • Immersive narration on the Web.

  • Jetpack news.

  • What's new in the Gradle plugin for Android.

  • Designs to provide accessibility in Android Studio and Jetpack Compose.

  • News in folding devices and others.

  • Simplified multiplatform artificial vision thanks to Model Maker.

  • Women who compile AI from Voice.

  • Security and occupation with AI.

  • How to compile a desktop design language with Flutter.

  • From optional security to security as the default mode.

  • Why use Null Safety.

  • News about Android development tools.

  • Increase engagement and performance with deep linking.

  • How to design accessibility in Material Design.

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