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How to get a Totally FREE Microsoft Certification? English exams

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Previously, I have shared what [Microsoft training days] are ( and we have already talked about the case of the «training days in Spanish», in In this article we are going to review the different options that Microsoft offers us to train in English.

I remind you that it exists, the Virtual Academy, in which you will find most of the content for these "training days" and for their respective exams.
Also, until March 31st, you have the opportunity of the Microsoft Ignite Challenge that goes along the same lines as these training days.

What are Microsoft Virtual Training Days?

The quick summary are webinars taught by the Microsoft company itself, focused on transmitting training about a Microsoft service or product.

With the addition, that by attending them, they give you the opportunity to obtain an exam opportunity with which to obtain a Microsoft certification.

Are there Virtual Training Days in Spanish?

Yes, and you can get more information about them, from here.

What Virtual Training Days in English can I choose?

There is an official calendar of all training days in English.

Next, you will find the currently active dates.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training (Fundamentals)

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training (AI Fundamentals)

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training (Data Fundamentals)

Microsoft Azure virtual training (data modernization and web applications)

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training (Modernize .NET Applications)

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training (DevOps with GITHUB)

Virtual security training

Microsoft 365 virtual training (remote work)

Microsoft 365 virtual training (integrations and workflows)

Microsoft Dynamics Virtual Training (Fundamentals)

Microsoft Dynamics Virtual Training (Supply Chain)

Microsoft Dynamics virtual training (activate digital sales)

Microsoft Power Platform Virtual Training: Fundamentals

More than 40 opportunities to achieve your certificate and start a career in the world of Microsoft technologies, I hope it helps you.

** _ Cheer up, sign up quickly and put reminders on your calendars; let the bull catch us! _ **

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