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Discussion on: My Favorite CLI Tools

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Michael Kohl

We seem to have very similar taste in tools, I use almost exactly the same ones. 😁 Some minor differences here and there, e.g. ZSH (self-written config, no framework) instead of Fish.

I have a few aliases that you might find useful:

l='exa -1a'
ll='exa -lh --git'
lt='exa -lT --git'
cat='bat --paging=never --style=plain'

This way I can still rely on muscle memory, but get better tools instead.

Some other tools you might be interested in:

  • delta: I use it as diff replacement in git:
  • broot: I don't use it quite so regularly because I'm a heavy z user, but it's a great tool for exploring large directories or to serve as a modern tree replacement.

Last but not least, if you happen to use Alfred, it has a pretty neat tldr workflow.

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Sebastian Witowski Author

Thanks! delta and broot looks great, I will definitely check them out!

I was expecting to just share what I'm using, but instead I'm getting a whole new collection of tools to test 😁 This is awesome!