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I always felt that math is one of the subject's where the teacher/methodology makes the biggest difference. As Kalid Azad of the wonderful Better Explained put it in his "Developing Your Intuition For Math" post:

We’re taught the modern, rigorous definition and not the insights that led up to it. We’re left with arcane formulas [...] but little understanding of what the idea is.

I could see this throughout my own math "career": as a kid, I absolutely loved it and generally was one of the best students in my class. Starting at age 12 I ended up with a string of horrible teachers, lost interest in the subject and barely managed to achieve passing grades for a few years in a row. Then I ended up with a great teacher again and he restored my interest in the subject and my faith in my mathematical abilities. He even made me sub some of his lessons later and it's really mostly due to him that I eventually signed up for an undergrad in mathematics. That I didn't finish it was nobody's fault but my own, turns out getting a math degree while working full-time as a developer is not so easy.

Here's a random collection of some math related links:


Love the quote you shared. It is so true. We were cheated of the best part in math. Anybody can memorize formulas. But where's the fun?!

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