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Discussion on: We need representatives! (syndicates, agents ...)

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Michael Kohl • Edited on

You're of course entitled to your opinions, including the one about my bias. :-)

Let's go on a slight tangent for the sake of argument though: another common stereotype about people in software is that their rates of depression are above average (disclaimer: I've been diagnosed with dysthymia/chronic depression and had treatments for it in the past, so this one hits closer to home than the introvert/extrovert debate). Yet studies by public health authorities didn't confirm this and in some cases the numbers were actually even below the population average:

I'm not saying you're guilty of this, but confirmation bias is real and strong: if someone already believes that most developers are introverts, everyone who meets the criteria will reaffirm their bias, while extroverted developers will be written off as exceptions. Researchers estimate that roughly half to three quarters of people are extroverted, so that number being < 15% in software developers would be so significantly different that there'd be studies all over the place.