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Discussion on: I'm a Rubyist for ~15 years and CTO of a Rails consultancy, Ask Me Anything!

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Michael Kohl Ask Me Anything • Edited

In fact, yes. I worked as a penetration tester/security consultant a few years back and used quite a bit of Ruby for that. Metasploit uses Ruby as a scripting language, which is one use case a lot of Rubyists are unaware of.

As for most exciting new Ruby gems/technologies, my vote goes to dry-rb (I contributed a bit, mostly to dry-monads). Hyperloop also looks interesting, but I didn't get around to try it yet. Personally I'm also very excited by mruby, which opens up embedded/IoT programming to Rubyists. Truffle Ruby also is very interesting, since it's already beating the target speed for Ruby 3 by a fair bit.