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it sure seems like a toy scripting language

Couldn't resist throwing in a little flame bait to get the discussion going? 🔥

In all seriousness, I was briefly talking about this at the beginning of my talk at RubyConf Taiwan this year: it's an excellent time to be a Rails developer. The framework has matured over the years (who still remembers the Rails 1 and 2 days, Merb etc.), the hype has died down a bit and the remaining community seems tighter and more sensible and overall the framework is doing its best to stay relevant. As for the "it doesn't scale" trope, the next time someone tells me that I show them the Chrome developers tools and their horrible TTI caused by massive JS bundles 🙄 I mean sure, Ruby's not the fastest backend language one can find, but there's a lot more to an E2E web request that can be a potential cause of slowness.

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