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Discussion on: Does your website really need to be larger than Windows 95?

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Michael Kohl • Edited

Believe me, I'm the last person to promote useless micro-optimizations. A while ago I posted an example of a disassembly in a comment here, illustrating that any reasonable C compiler will perform them (and many others that are much harder to do by hand) anyway, so one should always strife for clarity in the code first.

I do however take objection to some recent trends in the industry, especially in regard to technology and framework choices, since I believe that many of them are not at all motivated by needs, but by the availability of cheap and easily replaceable labor.

Overall I think we're on the same page, thanks for a productive discussion and have a nice day. :-)

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Alain Van Hout

Yes, I think we're in agreement here, on both the topic and the productive discussion, so a nice day to you as well :-).