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re: I am full-time blockchain developer for 6+ months, AMA! VIEW POST


I have quite a few questions, don't feel obliged to answer them all :-)

  1. Which — if any — frameworks are you using for Solidity development (Truffle, OpenZeppelin etc)?

  2. Are you using any static analysis tools like Mythril?

  3. How are you connecting your DAPPS to non-blockchain applications (JSON RPC, Infura, custom HTTP API etc)?

  4. Given the EVMs aspiration to be a distributed world computer, the block gas limit is an elegant solution for the halting problem. Do you see any inherent value in ETH beyond that?

  5. How do you feel about Casper/PoS in general?


Hey Michael, good to virtually see you again :)

1) Yes, I use Truffle + Ganache + Rinkey, Remix, some contracts from OpenZeppelin + I also teach my full development setup in the course

2) Nope, my company has a several private independent auditing companies doing audits

3) All DApps are connected locally to our SDK handled, blockchain node and if not we have a gateway exposing blockchain calls via an Go API over HTTPS

4) Nice question, I do to lock value in smart contract between 2 parties meet all the smart requirements of an exchange

5) It's an improvement to PoW but not gonna work imo. because PoA is superior, IMO

Let me know if you have any more questions! :)

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