re: It just also happens to be a reasonably good hammer for the particular nails [...] Well, it’s Turing-complete (thank God :) I can actually write...

I can actually write the code in almost any language without whining and blaming the language—and I do sometimes.

A sign of maturity. Or resignation. ;-)

there are many blatant design mistakes that could have been avoided even in the frames of the chosen paradigm.

Maybe from their perspective it's a feature and not a bug? I believe — and of course I have no proof for that — that Go was mostly designed around ease of language/runtime implementation.

unsafeCoerce explicitly tells “I know this type should be used here instead of that type.” That is not the same as “ok guys, here we accept whatever crap.”

Fair point. If we ever have the need for an interface {} in our code base I'll make sure to give it the appropriate alias:

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