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Sorry if this sounds cynical, but IMHO a better approach is:

  1. Write a lot of code. Work, hobby projects, FOSS, puzzles, coding challenges, whatever.
  2. Engage — online or offline — with communities that interest you (user groups, language meetups, StackOverflow, conferences, forums, this website etc.)
  3. Go to 1.

Doing that I basically never needed a CV or cover letter (I only really applied for a job once, when I moved to a different continent and I did it with my StackOverflow careers profile and the PDF export of my LinkedIn profile). I also don't have a "personal brand". I share things on social media and my blog that I genuinely find interesting, if other people like them too, good.

Please don't take this personally, but IMHO a lot of developers who are at the early stages of their career are probably better off spending the time it'd take them to read these on writing code.

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