Discussion on: Are CSS and HTML programming languages?

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Michael Kohl

Turing complete

IMHO an overrated criterion. Many things have been proven Turing complete (i.e. C++ templates) and yet nobody would build actual projects in them. On the other hands lots of projects have been built with nothing but HTML + CSS 😃

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Ben Halpern

I agree. Mentioned it in case anyone felt like getting overly concerned about that being a criterion. A programming language is really anything you can write a program in, and if the browser is something you can program against, it seems to fit the bill.

And if, for some reason turing completeness is something you care about, it's technically true as well.

I can can click on a something.html file on my computer and it could launch one hell of a program because it will open in a pretty powerful application environment.

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Bryan Winter

I remember reading an article about a guy who made a complete RPG in excel.

Excel scripting is Turing Complete.

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Thread Thread
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Hibrit Usta

Amazing :)

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

C++ templates aren't a good example though, people do way too damn much with them (see for example Boost or Webkit, both take way too long to build on even a good modern system because they are almost more C++ templates than they are actual C++).

If you're going for a good example of Turing completeness being essentially meaningless for deciding if something is a programming language or not, I would encourage you to instead look at Magic The Gathering.

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