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Discussion on: Au Revoir, Gentoo - Sell Me A New Linux Distro

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Michael Kohl

The core of it to me is the package manager, not necessarily the set of stuff on the install disc. That said, is DEB vs RPM pretty much cosmetic?

People will disagree, because arguing is half the fun of being a Linux user 😉, but as far as I'm concerned the differences nowadays are mostly cosmetic.

I do care about using the "best" tool for the job.

Overrated in my opinion. Using a "good enough" tool for the job seems to often be the better choice. Unless you plan on switching every time a shinier distro comes out.

Also "best" on what axes? It's hard to beat Debian in stability, but that also makes it less attractive as desktop OS. Similar trade-offs apply to others. I'd wager you can use any of the top 20 or so distributions on Distrowatch and be happy with it, and if you have your home directory on a separate partition switching at a later point comes with marginal overhead.

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To round up a bit this point I would say, for someone who was using Gentoo, distros are reduced to: how new are the SW in the repos and how annoying is to install Steam if you care about that and as far as I've heard with Proton that's not even a problem anymore.

  • Default WM or DE? you can change that.
  • Package manager, in the past 10 years I don't think I've ever had a dependency problem. And for dev are less and less relevant, nowdays you have: pip, npm, cargo and that's besides Docker, Flatpak and AppImages.
  • Default programs, you'll probably install your own prefered ones anyway.
  • Ease of install, well, you had Gentoo, you'll be fine.
  • Stability, not sure about this, I used Arch for years and never had a serious problem, maybe a program update a little raw, but in those cases the fixed update came the next day if not sooner, so nowdays I'm not sure if having software from the middle ages is worth it. And even for servers, you endup just with systemd + Docker so in that case distros are even less important to me.
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and by the way "... arguing is half the fun of being a Linux user ..." I don't think is half, I would say is about 67%, it was 50% years ago when ....

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Ben Lovy Author

Right now, the "best" tool is one I won't ever feel tempted to switch out. I think we're saying the same thing, ultimately.

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Perhaps temptations have an inward rather that outward cause. In more modern language: it is the dev, not the tool.