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Discussion on: Au Revoir, Gentoo - Sell Me A New Linux Distro

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Michael Kohl

why wouldn't you use an Apple Mac running OSX?

  • Dropped support for 32-bit apps means that many people sit on Steam libraries full of (indie) games that they can no longer play. Also true for some audio/video software and plugins, where people don't want to pay for expensive upgrades if an older version serves their needs.
  • Useless apps (Stocks, Stickies, etc.) are forced down our throats on desktop and you can't even uninstall them unless you muck around with csrutil and even then the next update will bring them back.
  • Constant popups if applications are allowed to access my Downloads folder or other locations. It's a computer, not a phone.
  • Catalina write protected the system volume, wiping the Nix stores of all users. This almost made the Nix developers drop macOS support, but luckily there's a workaround that involves creating a separate volume and mounting that via a synthetic symlink (man 5 synthetic.conf). This is true for everything that wrote in the root directory, not just Nix.

Apart from that, almost every Apple laptop I ever owned had some sort of hardware issue. For example, I'm typing this on my newly replaced butterfly keyboard, and I almost forgot how nice it is to not have doubled and/or missing letters.

I bought the new MBA last year around Christmas and it's most likely the last Mac laptop I purchased for myself. And I'm saying that as someone who got into Macs with Mac OS 9 and used them as his primary devices since the first Intel Macs came out.

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I’ve been an Apple groupie for more than 10 years. Loved the iPhone revolution and the incomparable build quality.

Note in exploring Linux again fire a few reasons, mainly price, ports (lack of), and boring OS.

Never thought I would abandon Apple but I just can’t stomach the changes abs costs any more. And a super expensive laptop with only four USB C ports? It’s driving me insane - my Laptop often looks like a Christmas tree.