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RelaxedReader — A Firefox Addon to Fight Reading Anxiety

citizen428 profile image Michael Kohl Originally published at ・1 min read

Over the last few days I used Vue.js to build a small Firefox extension called RelaxedReader.

RelaxedReader screenshot

It's your typical reading list/bookmarking tool, with a few important differences:

  • You can store a maximum of 10 articles. If you add more, the oldest will get pushed out (FIFO).
  • Items automatically expire after 30 days.
  • No notifications, badges, unread counts or anything else that prompts anxiety and/or FOMO.
  • No tracking, third party servers or API calls. All data is stored in extension storage.
  • Uses storage.sync, so the reading list is synced across all instances of the browser that the user is logged into, across different devices.

It's simple. not particularly pretty, but does exactly what I need. Source code available here.

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Fran González

This is actually a great idea. I've lost track of how many articles I have on my to-read list that actually go back to a couple years ago but I never really got into them. This would definitely help knowing that they'll disappear!

pxlpnk profile image
Andreas Tiefenthaler

This is great! Thank you for building it.

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Jess Lee (she/her)

Ooh, I like this!

alaeddinemessadi profile image
Alaeddine Messadi

Awesome! Thank you

antonrich profile image

What is FIFO and FOMO?

citizen428 profile image
antonrich profile image

Thanks. I guess this is a common thing I didn't know. Live and learn everyday : )

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Michael Kohl Author

No worries :-) FIFO is a somewhat common term in computing, FOMO is definitely not someone you need to know unless you spend too much time on social media ;-)