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This is amazing. I've been working on a big refactoring/modularization project at work for the last 6 months, and this perfectly captures everything I've learned in this process, and so much more.

One thing I would add: learn your application's lifecycle, and design your APIs around that lifecycle. Rather than having "methodA() calls methodB() which calls methodC()...", recognize the fact that these are 3 sequential steps, and create a "lifecycle method" which does the work of calling them in sequence.


function a() { b() }
function b() { c() }
function c() { // so on... }


function a() { }
function b() { }
function c() { }
function onLIfecycleAction() {

This will make each method more individually-testable, and also more reusable. You really start to realize why you need this when one method passes parameters to another, because when each method relies on the lifecycle for moving data along, then you have to return those arguments from the method rather than just passing them, and you get more discriminatory about which data is going where in your application.

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