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Discussion on: Is it time we quit WhatsApp?

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Clay Ferguson

Everyone should abandon Twitter and Facebook, and every one of their fellow conspirators. They're abusing their power and trying to censor the internet.

For me the last straw was when they said no one can talk about the Hunter Laptop, which easily swung the election, because a post-election poll proved that indeed 68% of the public had never heard of the Biden scandals until the day after then election, when suddenly the MSM and everyone was allowed to discuss it.

Regardless of which side you are on, everyone should agree we can't endure a situation where two companies can conspire to control speech and information.

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Mubashir Hasan

yeah absolutely #boycott fb and twitter

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Mubashir Hasan • Edited

How dare twitter boycotted a sitting president of the United States. Twitter just crossed the line. Facebook has already crossed the line