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Discussion on: Hunting For A Vision

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You previously posted about how you dreamed of being an author but then it seemed like too much work for you and so you gave up on it so you instead turned to programming and yet now you "feel empty" in your own words. Perhaps the reason for this is because you don't really have the passion for programming that you thought you did, but merely thought it would be a useful tool in helping you achieve your goal of becoming known or famous or however else you want to describe it. From reading through your blogs, you seem like the type of person that wouldn't be content with playing a game that you found fun, but would want to be in charge of making the decisions for it and I feel like this has translated to many other aspects of your life as well which has initially been a motivator, but then once you find yourself having accomplished what you set out to do (be it be in charge of a game, learn programming, etc.) you found it wasn't all that you thought it would be and you still feel that empty void and unfulfilled which I would predict has likely caused you to go from hobby to hobby.

Vision isn't something that you can teach or train or learn. Thomas Edison didn't become an inventor by reading about how to be creative. It's something innate in people. Maybe instead of chasing something that you may never have, you should focus on things that you do have and then at the end of the day that will fulfill you.

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Brian Barbour Author • Edited

These are some good insights. Sounds like something someone I know in person would say about me. Also, I never said being a novelist was too much work for me, just the social aspects of the networking and marketing it requires didn't appeal to me. I'm very introverted, so those aren't my strong suit. I still love writing, still do it. Just I am not in love with being a "novelist" and I think that is an important distinction.

There's probably some deeper psychological reason for this void inside of me, in which nothing I do or accomplish can fill it. But, that's part of life's journey, I guess. Figuring ourselves out and improving.

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