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Discussion on: Hand and wrist pain?

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Chris Mosetick

William here in the comments suggested Dvorak or Colmak as replacement keyboard layouts. I agree, it's the best way to go for long term viability. I personally know 2 contacts that switched to Dvorak on my recommendation, and they seem quite content with the results.

A few years back, I gave a five minute lighting presentation at Ignite Seattle on the issues surrounding the Qwerty layout, and benefits of the Dvorak layout.

I also can recommend mechanical keyboards. I like the Filco brand models traditionally.

If you still use the newer model Macbook Pro's keyboard a lot, I can kinda recommend this Dvorak keyboard skin. It works pretty well for me, but does have its down sides. For less than $10 USD it's worth it. I used to be able to physically re-arrange the Macbook Pro keys, but it's not such a smooth transition on the newer models. Hopefully Apple makes a turn around and stops trying to make things so thin.