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Discussion on: ✨♻️ JavaScript Visualized: Event Loop

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Songfeng Li(李松峰) • Edited

Good demonstration! But a little issue exists in my opinion.

The 1st animation, when the respond() function was pushed to the call stack and executed, the setTimeout() function should be pushed into the call stack (and executed) as soon as possible, instead of waited for about 1 second. Because, as the first and only one line code inside the respond() function, the call to setTimeout( ) should be executed immediately at that time. The second argument of setTimeout(), 1000ms, has only to do with how long the timer should be waiting to add the callback to the task queue, it does not have any effect for when the setTimeout() should be pushed into the call stack.

I wish I had made this little issue clear. btw, the last animation has the same issue too. Thank you.