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Discussion on: Hunting For A Vision

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James Bubb

Hey Brian,

I think the classic thing is to solve a problem you (or someone you know) are currently having by creating some kind of solution. I think a good acid test is to see if it can be solved manually first and then ask; would it be easier to use a web app for this?

Simple example: I want to lose weight, I can track my daily calorie intake on a piece of paper (or better use an online spreadsheet or similar), I could therefore create a web app with a UI that would allow keeping track of calories easier.

I've also recently read The Idea In You which has some interesting ways to think about your idea. One of the things the authors talk about is to 'clash' two ideas together.

With the simple example above how about:

  • Calorie counter x Fresh food delivery service
  • Calorie counter x Healthy Recipe suggestion
  • Calorie counter x Daily exercises for developers 💪

The above are a bit trite but maybe they'll get you thinking of something you could get going with?

(Also good to hear you are getting on well!)

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