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Codecademy x Adafruit Launched Hardware Course

sonnynomnom profile image Sonny Li ・1 min read

Hello everyone, we recently teamed up with our neighbors at Adafruit and released our first-ever hardware programming course:

Learn Hardware Programming with CircuitPython

CircuitPython is a programming language designed to simplify experimenting and learning to program on hardware devices. It makes getting started with low-cost microcontroller boards easier than ever before.

In this course, you will use CircuitPython to program a Circuit Playground Express. You will build fun projects such as:

  • Bike Light 🚲
  • Soil Moisture Sensor 🌱
  • The 808 Drum Machine 🔊

Program right in the browser and see your code come alive IRL.

Software is cool, but hardware is also pretty cool. If you happen to have Codecademy Pro, let us know what you think.

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I remember when Codecademy was 100% free, I used it a lot when I was young. (Joined Aug 5, 2013)


If you were young in 2013, you are still young today ;-)


Ooh, a bike light. That's a pretty awesome project!


I’m a Codecademy pro member. Look forward to taking this course!