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Code Inspector

A coding coach to help you write better code faster

Founder of Code Inspector, former Twitter Staff, former AWS, CMU-SEI alum, former European Space Agency engineer
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I’m Julien, the founder of Code Inspector, a platform that helps developers and managers produce better code and reduce technical debt. We would love to get some feedback from the community.

Our platform inspects code, looks for defects (security, vulnerability, design, performance, lack of documentation), automates code reviews and reports on team activity. You can customize violation alerts to reduce false positives. We currently support GitHub, Bitbucket and Gitlab.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you would expect from such a platform (what you like, dislike) and what could help developers produce better code.

Thanks for reading thus far and hope to hear from the community.


Discussion (2)

sanathusk profile image
Sanath Kumar U

Great Idea.Thank you for making it free for public repos.Wish you all the best!!

ethantoney profile image
Ethan Toney

Just tried it out on a few of my projects. Pretty neat!