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Code Inspector

Code Inspector, winner at first-ever Latinas in Tech startup competition

Enthusiastic Learning! Teaching/Learning about Coding and Machine Learning 🤖 Travel - Hacks - Tech
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2021 is the first year that Latinas in Tech hold a “startup competition”.
Among others +150 startups around the globe, founded (or co-founded) by latinas that signed up for this competition, Code Inspector was outstanding and got to be recognized as the winner of the first place 🙌

🥳 HUGE CONGRATS to all 3 winners of our first ever Latinas in Tech Startup Competition sponsored by @SVB_Financial

1st place: @code_inspector
2nd place: Liberet
3rd place: @SocialCipher #LatinasinTechSummit #LatinasinTech #LatinaFounders

— Latinas in Tech (@latinas_tech) May 21, 2021

Big congrats to Jessica Mercedes (COO & Co Founder) for such brilliant presentation at Latinas in Tech.
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Latinas in Tech, a non-profit organization with the aim to connect, support, and empower Latina women working in tech held its annual conference virtually with support from companies like Netflix,
Google, Twitter and Facebook.

Code Inspector, Techstars Boulder 2021, helps developers write better code, faster.
Co-founded by Jessica Mercedes and Julien Delange, Code Inspector, is the platform that scans for violations and security issues in the code to avoid technical debt.

Get started with Code Inspector for free! 🎉 connect to your
GitHub or GitLab or Atlassian Bitbucket account to start analyzing your coding projects to find out you “Quality Coding score” and “Technical Debt” 🤓

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