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"Dress for success: Contribute to Open Source" - Code Inspector Talks!

Enthusiastic Learning! Teaching/Learning about Coding and Machine Learning 🤖 Travel - Hacks - Tech
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In this episode at Code Inspector Talks, we are chatting with Gant Laborde to learn about his experience in software development, Java Script with TensorFlow and more!

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Gant, based in New Orleans, shares his thoughts about:

  • His starting as software developer, building websites that helped him to pay his college
  • Programming language evolution
  • Advice for beginners: learn code review, find the missing documentation, learn tools for reviewing, testing.
  • JavaScript getting popular in the Artificial Intelligence world
  • Contribute to open source! It is the best starting for building portfolio and projects when looking for a job

We're excited to learn from Gant and his experience as well as motivate other developers to contribute to open source and starting rocking in the dev world 🤓

|Watch the full interview on our YouTube Channel|

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