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You want to teach what you learn! GitHub awards & communities - Code Inspector Talks

Enthusiastic Learning! Teaching/Learning about Coding and Machine Learning 🤖 Travel - Hacks - Tech
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In this episode at Code Inspector Talks, we are having Diana Rodriguez as a guest with us! She recently received a GitHub award for her contribution to the tech community, also she's been supporting tech communities for many years now, as well as always wanting to share what she's learning on technology!

Diana, originally from Venezuela, has been building Euler app an innovative platform for online events!

Chatting with Diana

Diana has been excited about coding since age 8. Since then, she has been learning java, python, javascript, among others.
She finds python very friendly and she recommends trying it out with flask when building platforms.

She has been involved in tech communities for several years. She recalls those mentors that encourage her and empower her to keep moving on her tech career. Diana highlights that nowadays there are tech communities for everyone, no matter which technology you are using or starting to learn, which preferences you have either frontend, backend, or testing or design, there is a welcome community to support you!

Also, in this episode, Diana is sharing about her contribution to the dev community. She developed a system for helping diabetics patients. This system has also the possibility to get GPS tracking in case of communication for an emergency! Check out her projects in GitHub

Finally, some recommendations for people who are starting to learn to code are focused to not only check the documentation, and practice but also sharing what you are learning and joining some tech community! 🥳

|Watch the full interview on our YouTube Channel|

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